Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture:
An Automated, Application-Aware Foundation for the Modern Venture
The Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture provides the open, programmable, and application-aware foundation you need for today’s mobile and cloud-connected world. By providing a platform for network infrastructure and applications to communicate with each other in real time, IT can automate and simplify today’s complex and time-consuming deployment, operation, and management tasks. IT becomes more relevant in unlocking a new generation of innovative network applications and services.
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Software-Defined Networking and Network Programmability:
Use Cases for Defense and Intelligence Communities
In the defense and intelligence communities, the network is mission-critical. Software-defined networking provides a new architecture for this network, an architecture that brings the application layer and the networking layer closer together. It is a shift in technology that will change the networking landscape by providing greater automation and orchestration of the network fabric, and by allowing dynamic, application-led configuration of networks and services. SDN allows the network to respond to requests from an application in real time, based upon the current state and condition on the network. It is this agility which will transform networks as we know them.
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The Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture Enables Business Transformation:
It is Time for Structured Endeavours to Evolve
Every C-level executive is focused on transforming the business, and IT leaders are tasked with making this happen. The shift to network-centric compute models has thrust the network into a role where it is the key enabler of IT change and, therefore, business transformation. The Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture can provide the necessary levels of application intelligence, contextual information, visibility and automated control to enable the network to be the foundation for companies today as well as in the future.
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The Art of Application-Centric Networking:
Leveraging the connections for optimized, controlled application delivery
Application-centric networking solves the application challenges facing IT departments, helping them maintain visibility into and control over applications regardless of where they reside or are accessed from. This approach helps IT achieve its application requirements while containing costs and reducing complexity.
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Cisco’s ISR 4451-AX Powers the Evolution of the WAN:
The Time for WAN Evolution is Now
A successful WAN evolution depends on the right architecture, but also a next-generation network platform capable of delivering all of the branch services with uncompromised security and performance. Cisco’s ISR 4451-AX is ideally suited to meet the challenges of today and the future, and should be considered as a building block for any company looking to leverage the WAN for strategic value
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* The content is sourced from Cisco white papers & web site